Meet our owner- Sue gaylard

Jewellery is about so much more than shine and bling for Sue Gaylard.

Each piece is as multi-faceted as a diamond, containing a unique sentiment,

statement and story that makes it one of a kind. Every single treasure at

Avenue J on the Mooloolaba Esplanade has been consciously hand-selected

by Sue, where the seamless combination of modern and antique jewellery

sets this boutique store apart from the rest. Avenue J Jewellery has become

a must-see destination for lovers of fine jewellery, showcasing an extensive

range of stunning and rare one-off pieces from the Georgian, Victorian,

Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco periods sourced from all over the world,

providing you with a journey that is a feast for the eyes and the heart.

Our significant Antique Jewellery range has been sourced from highly

respected contacts scattered around the world. Here at Avenue J Jewellery,

we are immensely proud of our handmade designer pieces and show stopping

one off pieces. “Whenever I see a piece, I look into its story and that’s when

I decide whether it will fit into the energy we are cultivating in the shop.

Jewellery is all about the sentiment and that is the case whether it is antique

jewellery or modern pieces,” Sue says. From a young age, Sue developed a

firm belief that it is important to respect everything you have from the shoes

on your feet through to the furniture you use, and especially jewellery.

“I was taught the power of history and how anything can have longevity if it is

cared for and respected,” she says. The vast collection at Avenue J has been

cultivated over eight years and features a number of “one-of-akind” works of art.

“I love nothing more than being on a mission to find something someone has their

heart set on. When we get requests, I am pretty determined, and I get a kick out of

finding the perfect piece.” Sue says. “We offer such a tremendous variety that we can

match a piece to anyone’s tastes, from those who know specifically what they want,

to those who are waiting to be inspired when they see something they love on display.”

-Word by Roxanne Mccarty O’Kane

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