Virtual Consultation

Welcome to our Virtual Consultation Service.

Avenue J’s team of dedicated, experienced jewellery lovers are offering a number of ways you can take a virtual tour of the shop or have a personalised consultation & preview of your preferred piece of jewellery.

We understand our client’s desire to have a close up view of jewellery and real-time chat with a friendly staff member before making an informed choice to own a new piece of jewellery.

It’s our desire that you feel comfortable with your decision to buy and wear our stunning jewellery with confidence you’ve invested in a piece that is authentic along with personalised support & after-service

Consultation Viewing Options

1 – Personalised video & full description of jewellery item sent via text to your mobile or via a link sent to your preferred email address.

2 – Personalised Live “Face-Time” call at a preferred time that suits you.

Consultation Booking Options

1 – Chat With Us >   Start a Personal Chat via our dedicated, secure text message system by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen

2 – Call or text us on 0416 151 466 to arrange a convenient time for your consultation

3 – Email Us to arrange a convenient time for your consultation.