Choosing your perfect engagement ring

-Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Ring Made Easy With Avenue J Jewellery

Looking for the perfect engagement ring to symbolize the commitment and love you share with your partner? Our collection of engagement rings is designed to capture the essence of your unique relationship and create a memorable moment that will last a lifetime.Our engagement rings are meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every piece reflects the unrivaled quality and beauty that you expect. Each ring is made with the finest materials, including precious metals and exquisite gemstones, to create a stunning piece that will be cherished for generations.Here at Avenue J we offer a wide range of styles to suit every taste and preference. From classic solitaire designs that exude elegance and simplicity to intricate halo settings that add a touch of sophistication, our collection has something for every bride-to-be. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a vintage-inspired piece, our selection of engagement rings is diverse and timeless.At our store, you will find knowledgeable and friendly staff who are dedicated to helping you find the perfect ring. We understand that choosing an engagement ring is a significant investment and an emotional decision. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, answering all your questions and providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice.When you choose an engagement ring from Avenue J, you can be confident in the quality and craftsmanship of your purchase. Celebrate this significant milestone in your life with an engagement ring that encapsulates your very own love story. Visit our store today and let us help you find the perfect ring that will forever symbolize your commitment and devotion.

Step 1

Choose a Diamond Cut

There are many considerations when deciding what cut to give to an individual diamond. On larger stones, diamond cutters will ponder over a stone for some time before determining the best cut to enhance the natural beauty of each individual diamond. All diamonds are beautiful and there are many different cuts/shapes available. Here at Avenue J we have a magnificent selection of varying cuts for you to try on to see what resonates with you the most. 

The Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds are simply an elongated round brilliant cut diamond. Oval cuts have the brilliance of the round diamond, though with a more unique shape which gives a more modern appearance making them appealing to young women on their journey to marriage.  Just like the infamous emerald-cut diamond, the Oval cut looks like a higher carat diamond than it is when set into a ring. The surface of oval-cut diamonds is roughly 10% bigger than that of rounds, another reason for their rise in popularity.

-The Marquise cut

Marquise cut diamonds are essentially ovals with two pointed ends. These beauties were worn by royals in the Middle Ages and are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity with brides and top jewellery designers. The marquise cut is sometimes reffered to as navette-cut. A marquise diamond typically has 58 facets and due to their long and narrow shape, marquise diamonds can create the illusion of greater size. 

– Old mine cut

Popular with Antique jewellery fans are old mine-cut diamonds. The cut features 58 facets cut by hand, resulting in various exquisite squarish shapes with rounded edges. The shape dates to the 1700’s and was the most popular diamond shape in the Victorian era. Old mine cut diamonds are diamonds that have been around for centuries, long before diamond cutters had the technology they have today. Old mine cut diamonds tend to look a bit more bulgy on top and as every single stone has been cut by hand, they are entirely unique, and very appealing to lovers of all things old. 

Baguette Cut

 A baguette cut is a rectangular diamond cut with four corners that create a rectangle or four-sided polygon. Baguette, stemming from the French word bague, is an extended, quadrate table cut. Their radiant, extended facets make it the perfect choice for a primary stone. The baguette cut diamond is a very popular choice for diamond cuts in engagement rings.

Step 2

Choose your band

– Thick Bands

There are no rights and wrongs in selecting the width of your wedding band ring. It is entirely up to you – your personal preferences, your style, and how you plan to wear the ring. Thicker bands tend to feel Firmer. Wedding band rings that are over 3 millimeters in width will give you a firmer feeling than the thinner rings when worn. Thicker wedding band rings can accommodate the weight of larger diamonds and more detail in design. 

– Yellow Gold bands

After two decades of platinum and white gold dominating wedding jewellery, yellow gold is back. The precious metal is wonderful for those who have a vintage taste. This is because it has a warm lustre and looks particularly good on Engagement ring settings.  Not to mention Gold is easy to maintain.  

– Non traditional bands

Choosing a non traditional engagement ring is lots of fun! There have been some incredible and wild pieces come through our shop. We love these because they are unconventional and practical. They are bright and fun, so quite show-stopping but still making that “Im engaged” statement. Non-traditional Rings are growing in popularity. Colourful pieces, bold edges and different shapes bring an element of warmth, fun and love symbolizing a warm and loving marriage.

Step 3

Shop Around

Colourful stones 

Diamonds have always been referred to as a girls best friend, which still rings true with many women, though a number of our strong young millennials are choosing to go outside the box with colourful gems such as Pink diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for engagement jewellery, eschewing from a long-standing tradition towards diamonds. Colourful stones are arguably more fashionable, as they allow for more experimentation with design. 

Vintage Look 

Another 2023 trend we believe is very popular is the vintage look. The Art deco vintage engagement ring style is very popular because of their unusual and unique appearance and feel. They easily attract the attention of a lot of people because of their intricate detail, and no two are the same, making a unique and treasured piece just for you and your true love.

The Options at Avenue J Jewellery are Truly endless. 

Come and find your forever ring. Shop our entire collection.

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