Belais Jewellery at Avenue J Jewellery

Belais jewellery is highly collectible and sought after.

Belais rings are perfect for the modern bride who loves an antique twist. At Avenue J Jewellery we love Art Deco and Modern. But we are currently in love with this 18ct White Gold Plaque Ring. We urge you to come inshore to get a closer look at the stunning central diamonds. There is also, beautiful scroll work and surrounding diamonds. This ring is from the famous American company “Belais”. 
The company Belais is one of the first companies to use white gold. They a USA based company. David Belais founded the Belais Manufacturing Company. He experimented with various alloys for white gold. White gold is a substitute for platinum. Due to the war, restrictions were placed on platinum. Thus, making the Belais formula a high quality alternative. The formula maintained the white metal look. It was popular at the time.
The formula in Belais’ patent has 18 Carat white gold alloy composing of gold, zinc and nickel. In 1917, David of Belais Brothers submitted his special formula of white gold. Then, they applied for the patent in October of 1918. Finally, he received approved in 1920. Throughout the 1920’s, the Belais alloy became so popular that white gold was sometimes referred to as “Belais metal.”
Owning Belais jewellery is owning a very special piece of history!
The quality, attention to detail, and unique history behind the Belais pieces are what make them a future heirloom.

Belais Jewellery

Art Deco 18ct White Gold Plaque Ring. The ring has three central diamonds. There is also scroll work and surrounding diamonds. This ring is from the famous American company “Belais”. The three largest diamonds are set into a central row running along the ring. They are bead set into white gold frames. There is beautiful ornate floral detailing. Plus beautiful cut outs. Grain set at the end of fanned out sections of the ring are three diamonds. There is a total of six diamonds.
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