Pink Diamonds on the Rise

Pink Diamonds on the Rise – After 40 years of operations, the Pink Argyle Diamond Mine is closing at the end of 2020.

“This year’s tender is incredibly special, being our second last Pink Diamond tender in 40 years and it’s headlined by some historic diamonds,” says Pink Diamonds marketing manager Marie Chiam

There is a big buzz of excitement around the Argyle Eternity. It is the largest fancy, vivid, round, brilliant diamond that they have ever offered at tender. Definitely, making it unfathomably rare.

The tender is launching this month. The is name of the tender is, ‘One Lifetime, One Encounter’. The showstopper is the 2.24-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Eternity. It is one of 62 diamonds in the 2020 tender.

Only an exclusive group of diamond connoisseurs and luxury jewellery houses are on the invite list to tender the historic pink diamond 57.23-carat collection.

Typically, the tender includes are six hero stones. The headline stones are chosen through a careful selection process. Plus, this year is very special. An additionally twelve sets of ‘Petite Suites’ stones included this year.

“They’ve been meticulously crafted over a five-year period, so thousands of hours by our master graders, and are quite simply unrepeatable,” Ms Chiam said.

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18ct Rose Gold and White Gold Diamond Daisy Ring with Pink  Diamond in Centre available for $17,950.00

Rising Pink Value

Top bids on rare Pink Diamonds are known for fetching prices in the millions of dollars per carat. The unique appearance of a Pink Diamond is graded foremost on colour. Next is clarity and cut. Its value determined by the intensity.

Are you considering a pink diamond as an investment? Well, you will like to know the value Pink Diamonds sold at the tender have appreciated 500 per cent, outperforming all major equity markets.

The supply of these extremely rare diamonds is more scarce. The scarcity makes them more valuable.

Argyle is a leader. Producing more than 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds. And with the impending closure the appetite for pink diamonds has grown. Collectors are coveting, collecting and acquiring the rare pink diamonds.

World (Pink) Tour

This year has been unique, as we know. The Pink Diamond Tender collection is setting out on a world tour. The Diamond tour will have limited showing in Perth, Singapore and Anetwerp.

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Are you on the Guest List?

No? Well, we are not alone…

Incredibly, only 19 Australians are on the exclusive list! These collectors are the select few invited to place secret bids on the stones. All bids must be in by the December deadline.

“It would be the end of an era for long-term collectors when the tender called its last bids.”, said Helen. Helen Thorne is Kimberley Fine Diamonds’ manager.

We could not agree more with Helen. Furthermore, knowing the mine is closing, we are seeing the increasing interests of pink diamonds. We find it exciting to be a part of history. Even with the mine closure Kimberley Fine Diamonds has a positive outlook. It is the end of an era. However, it will be exciting to see what is yet to come.

Well, you are in invited!

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