Serpents Rings and Snake Motifs

Snakes and serpents are a Victorian Symbol of Eternal Love. Hence, the popularity of serpent rings.

Historically, when two snakes or serpents wrapped round the finger it is a symbol eternal love.

In 1840, Prince Albert had designed a snake ring for Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria was regularly seen in public. Therefore, making her a trendsetter. Leading to her popularity. Consequently, people began to emulate the Queen’s style throughout Europe. In addition, her popularity grew across the world.

Serpents rings took centre stage during the Victorian era. At the time, Queen Victoria’s husband-to-be, who was Prince Albert. He presented her with a snake and serpent ring engagement ring.

The ring design had small rubies and diamonds. Plus, beautiful emeralds. In fact, emerald is Queen Victoria’s birthstone.

None the less, the Victorian era snake and serpent rings and motifs grew in popularity. Thus, trending into the Art Nouveau era. Even now, snake and serpent rings and motifs are still considered a symbol of eternal love.

Snake and serpent motifs were perfectly suited to the iconic turn of the century design. Firstly, they use organic lines. Second, they incorporate animal motifs. Plus, they are suitable for wrapping naturally around fingers, wrists and even necks.

Today, snake and serpent rings and motifs remain fashionable.

Very importantly, you can find snake and serpent rings for sale worldwide. These antiques are unique keepsakes. The snake and serpent motif is a perfect addition to your personal collection.


Serpent Ring Ruby EyesVictorian Double Intertwined Serpent Ring with Ruby Eyes

Handmade Victorian 18ct Rose Gold Double Entwined Serpent Ring with Ruby Eyes.

This ring is hallmarked Chester 1899. The serpents are intertwined. While each has a bead set Ruby in the top of its head. 

Truly, a statement of eternal love. Snake and serpent rings grew in popularity throughout the Victorian Era. The popularity continued to grow due to Queen Victoria’s serpent engagement ring. 

Available $3,800

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