Suffragette Jewellery

Suffragette Jewellery is jewellery that was worn during the fight for women’s rights to vote in Australia. Purple stands for loyalty, devotion, and dignity. White for purity. Green represents hope. Suffragettes were instructed to wear white with purple and green accessories during parades and demonstrations.

Green • White • Violet
Give Women the Vote!

Suffragette womens rights vote

Suffragette Movement

suffragette was a member of an activist women’s organization in the early 20th century. Who, under the banner “Votes for Women”, fought for the right to vote in public elections.

The Women’s Suffrage League was the most influential group in South Australia. Mary Lee and Mary Colton established the group. Catherine Helen Spence joined the movement later. Catherine is a well-known social reformer.

The British Suffragette were violent and disobedient. However, Australian women fought with written and spoken word. They wrote letters to newspapers and magazines. Also, they made public speeches at rallies. Plus, held marches. In addition, women would visit parliament and held discussions with political figures of the day, including the premier.

The Suffragettes sent a petition across the colony for signatures. There were over 11,600 signatures. Thus, making it the longest petition ever presented to the South Australian Parliament. It measured approximately 400 feet in length with each page glued end to end. The large petition showed the SA government that both men and women supported the right for women to vote.

Australian women were given the right to vote on the 18th of December 1894. South Australian Parliament passed the Constitutional Amendment (Adult Suffrage) Act. Successfully, the bill passed 31 to 14 votes. In 1895, Queen Victoria signed the bill making it official.

First Women to Vote in Australia

Firstly, South Australian women were the first in the world with the right to vote; and stand for parliament. Additionally, they were able to vote in-person and via post.

Secondly, equal enfranchisement applied to all citizens of South Australia. Also, including the Indigenous men and women of the colony.

In 1896, women in South Australia participated in their first election.

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