9ct Handmade alternating twist oval Necklace


The beautiful 9ct Yellow Gold Solid Australian Handmade alternating twist oval Necklace with polished round & Oval links. Drape yourself in luxury with this timeless gold necklace, featuring intricately linked chains that glimmer with every movement. Perfect for accentuating your neckline, it’s a classic addition to any outfit.

In the 1930s, Coco Chanel brought the chain necklace to the mainstream, when she began to appear draped to the waist in gilt chains and fake pearls. This was a look accessible and affordable to everyone, including the working class who were most drastically hit by the Depression.

Throughout the war, the real gold chain shrank and then expanded, with jewellers choosing to create chain necklaces that resembled tank treads, gas pipe links, and bricks.

As the 20th century progressed, long gold chains came back into fashion. However, in the simplistic boho style of 1970s jewellery they weren’t piled on Chanel-style. Instead, they were both chunky and sleek, and worn by both men and women. This Victorian era chain necklace was crafted much earlier, but accurately depicts the simplistic yet statement style of the time.

Nowadays, you can find variations on all kinds of chain necklaces; draped chains like Coco Chanel’s, bulky industrial chokers – all of which are reinventions of reinventions.

The chain necklace is now such a classic component of jewellery that there are innumerable ways to weave and wear them. They appear never to get old.

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Handmade alternating twist oval Necklace
9ct Handmade alternating twist oval Necklace