18ct Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring


The beautiful handmade Victorian 18ct Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring with floral scroll shoulders is a dainty beautiful piece that you should come and try on today!


Rubies are considered one of the four most precious stones in the world along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Ruby stones are red in colour thanks to the presence of the element chromium. The name ruby comes from Latin word ruber which means red.

Rubies are one of the most sought after gemstones in the world and it is probably in part to their colour and also their durability.

Rubies are on both the traditional list of stones which represent personal qualities associated with religious connections and the Gregorian Calendar as well as the more modern list of gemstones which are based on the birth month, in this case July.

Their meaning is based on loose translations of religious documents as well as the history of the twelve zodiac signs which work to explain a person’s personal qualities based on the month they were born and how the stars were aligned at this time. The stone is also thought to deflect nightmares.

Rubies can be paired with diamonds for a classic and timeless look, or with black diamonds for a more edgy and modern style.

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Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring
18ct Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring