How to find your ring size…

Buying a ring online can be a daunting experience when you are unclear of the size and quality of the jewellery you are purchasing. Not only do Avenue J Jewellery guarantee the quality of their products but we like to assist in every way we can. Before taking the plunge and adding the ring to the shopping cart feel free to contact us for information regarding any of our listed rings and their sizes. Here at Avenue J Jewellery we also offer a resizing service for up to two sizes (age, quality and size of the ring dependent) giving you peace of mind when you buy any of our products.

To make things even easier we have developed this easy to use downloadable guide to help you discover the correct size before you purchase. It is almost impossible to guess your ring size and get it just right. It’s very important to check your ring size before buying rings online. Alternatively if you are buying a gift or engagement ring this easy to use guide will help you determine the best size to look for when buying for a loved one or friend.

Ring size guide 2019

How to use this chart: 

Please make sure when printing out this guide at home to check that page scaling is set to 100% actual size on your print dialog box with no scaling for an accurate reading.

We have provided an accurate line on the document – please measure that line to test the accuracy of the print – it should be exactly 60mm long (6cm). Then select an existing ring that fits the intended finger perfectly (make sure it fits firmly but is easily removed and that your hands are warm – your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle). It is always best to test this in the morning when your fingers aren’t swollen. Place the ring over the circles below and match the inside edge of the ring to the circle nearest in size (all measurements refer to the inside diameter of the ring and are represented in mm). If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size.

NOTE: Rings with wider bands will fit a bit tighter. If you plan to measure a partner, loved one or friends ring, try to measure one with a similar width as the ring you want to purchase. When you don’t know the intendeds ring size, it is always best practice to select  one of the standard ring sizes and have it resized if necessary – the average ring size for women is L, M &N and the average ring size for men is R, S & T.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst this method is an excellent guide, to avoid resizing issues be sure to visit our in store jeweller to discuss your ring fitting or custom resizing needs, phone or email us on p: 07 5444 4422 e: [email protected]