Platinum and 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Our beautiful and classic Handmade Art Deco Platinum and 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Ring, would love stunning on any hand, come and view this gorgeous piece in store now.

The history of Art Deco jewellery, The Art Deco design era originated in France in the 1910s, just before World War I, and continued through the 1930s. Representing luxury, modern flair, and glamor, this era embraced social and technological progress with bold lines, sharp angles, and geometric patterns. This style is in contrast to avant-garde art of the period, which challenged everyday viewers to find meaning and beauty in what were often unapologetically anti-traditional images and forms.

Art Deco rings are characterised by their geometric patterns, bold colours, and lots of jewels. The settings are usually platinum or white gold with a backdrop of white diamonds, and then brightly colours gems as the focus. Popular centre pieces include cushion, emerald, Ascher, and old-European cut stones.

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