9ct Yellow Gold Bright Blue topaz ring

Our beautiful Bright Blue 9ct Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Swiss Blue topaz ring would look stunning on any hand, come and try on this piece today!

Those fortunate individuals born in November have the privilege of adorning themselves with the exquisite topaz gemstone, designated as their birthstone. While topaz is available in various hues, it is the enchanting light blue and golden-yellow variations that garner the most recognition.

According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the captivating yellow tint of topaz was attributed to the sun god “Ra,” leading them to ascribe healing properties to the gemstone, believed to safeguard its possessor. The ancient Romans held the conviction that if topaz was in proximity to poisoned food or drink, it would undergo a colour change, serving as a protective charm against poisoning for the wearer. In India, a longstanding belief asserts that wearing topaz above the heart ensures longevity, beauty, and intelligence.


Colour is one of the most important aspects of gemstones, and this can be seen in the wide range of colours available in coloured gemstones. From vivid reds to soothing blues, each different colour comes with its own characteristics, such as intensity and saturation. And because there are so many kinds of gemstones out there, you’re sure to find a look that perfectly complements your style.


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