Serpents Rings and Snake Motifs

Snakes and serpents are a Victorian Symbol of Eternal Love. Hence, the popularity of serpent rings. Historically, when two snakes or serpents wrapped round the finger it is a symbol eternal love. In 1840, Prince Albert had designed a snake ring for Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria was regularly seen in public. Therefore, making her a trendsetter. Leading to her popularity. Consequently, people began to emulate …

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Aquamarine – Hues of Blue

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family. The colouring of the gem is typical of the Sunshine Coast. They are aqua or blue-green in hue. It is named after seawater. Aquamarine’s has a watery hue. The colour is a cool plunge into refreshing blue and green hues of the ocean. The word Aquamarine originates from two Latin words meaning “water” and “sea.” Continuing …

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